Financial Planning

financial-plan-1Lewis, Shoffer & Co., P.C., CPA’s offers comprehensive financial planning services for all of your unique financial needs.  Our top priority is to ensure that your personal wealth is maximized, protected, and successfully passed on to your family.

Financial Planners Focused On You

We have a personal financial specialist on staff to offer services in a variety of areas. Here is just some of what we can do for you:

  1. Offer you peace of mind by making sure that your family is protected with emergency funds and insurance coverage.
  2. Help you reach all of your investment goals while at the same time minimizing your investment risks.
  3. Help you save for your retirement, no matter your age. It is never too early to start retirement planning, and never too late to get help.
  4. Work with you to analyze your assets and create a savings plan so that you can pay for your child’s college education.
  5. Ensure that you leave a legacy to your heirs by helping you pass on your estate while maximizing and protecting its value.

Individualized Attention to your Financial Planning

We understand that the only way to offer you effective personal financial planning is to take full stock of your unique situation. We are concerned about our client’s personal needs and won’t try to force a one-size-fits-all solution on you.

On top of this personalized attention, we also perform one-on-one consulting, and will work closely with you throughout the whole process. You won’t feel as if you’re being sent down an assembly line. Furthermore, we are committed to teaching you important financial skills that can benefit you. Our unique, one-on-one approach allows us to be communicative and accessible to clients. Our financial team practices open communication and is available year-round, making sure that you are never left confused or with unanswered questions.

Think that all of the above sounds too good to be true? We assure you that our firm really does offer this sort of dedication, experience, and service. But if you could use some more convincing, just check out our testimonials page to see people just like you who have benefited from our personal financial planning services.